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20150404_184446_Richtone(HDR)At first you are more than good enough and close friends questioned why you would be with this person, that you’re not “equally yoked”, as they say. But, you see something in this person that no one else does and you’ve found love. Your love says and does all the right things and they seem to truly cherish who you are. As time passes the differences start to become more and more apparent but, not to you, but to the person that is the”love of your life”. Instead of looking within to find the problem they search you and find bits and pieces to pick at and pick at and eventually break down the “love of their life” into a broken mess. Now you hear “your not the person I fell in love with” and along with that comes the many complaints, corrections, control and ridicule, followed by not a word of repentance or an apology because its “your fault” “if you would get things right you would be treated better”. You start to question your value and wonder what you’re doing wrong. You can’t please the un-pleasable.
“Your just too much trouble”, is often heard from your “beloved”


It may get better for a split second after a few promises and a roll in the sack but it escalates from here.
A vicious cycle that has a sweet spot at the top of the ride, but each time it goes around it gets worse.
Get off the ride before it stops, on it’s own, FOREVER.
You are worth more as you are. Even broken pieces can be put back together as long as they are not shattered. God loves us no matter what. Its called agape. Love yourself and don’t worry about poor abuser they never cared about you only to control you. God bless. Don’t give up. Happiness is a choice, make the choice to be happy. Be positive and remain positive
It all comes out in the wash