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Imagine a place where you can not taste or smell, anything. It is such a place that is null of color or emotion. That is where this story begins. It was a very cold day in July. Yes that’s right, July. I woke to frost on the windows and my cat was lying next to me purring. She seemed different somehow. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but she was just different. I walked across the room into the kitchen area of my small one room apartment. The floor was icy. I wondered, “How could it be so cold in July?”, especially in Arizona. That was the day that everything as I knew it, changed forever.

Everything has gone stir crazy since last October. It has been eight months since then. Very unusual and scary months filled with uncertainty and bewilderment. I’m trying to understand it all as each day reality changes. Nothing is as it used to be. Many have passed on, at their own hands in an attempt to avoid the certain destruction and misery predicted. October came and went last year, but today July 15, 2013 I find myself wondering what’s next.

I turned on the tap to make a pot of coffee. No water. Frozen? Shut down? I paid the bill. So what’s the deal. It’s obvious that nothing will ever be the same. So much destruction. I miss Emily so much. I wish Jim wouldn’t have dragged her along with him to beat “them” at their own game. I still havent figured out who they were trying to beat but they’re gone, she’s gone, without a word to let me know if they are still alive.

I have this cat and Carol, my best friend lives down the hall. I’ll call her, see if I can use her shower and hang out with her at her place so I can figure this out. “My house is like an ice cycle Jenny”, Carol said. I don’t have any water either. I think we need to check the underground for information. You going or me?”